About Enflict

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When game-time comes, will you and your crew be prepared to receive the eye of the world? What will you all look like? Will people see something generic, unoriginal and easily forgotten? Or will you look professional, united and unique, standing out with class and style? Will they see a last-minute throw-together team or a winning one?

Sometimes you don’t have an easy answer. If that is the case, then it’s good that you’re here.

Enflict is a custom design and media brand proudly and permanently rooted in paintball but with the versatility to go far beyond; endeavors are already abound in other sports and in music, plus an oncoming line of direct-retail apparel. Specialties include illustration and digital design for apparel and equipment plus stickers and decals. In addition, as of 2016, Enflict also offers video and photography service in the Northeast continental U.S..

So what do you get from Enflict? For starters…..

A fully-custom design service with everything you need:

► Full-garment artwork, created ready-to-go on the proper template
► Team logo design
► All player names and numbers
► Sponsor logo placement
► Matching designs for tees, headbands, banners, stickers and more
► Artwork direct-submission to printer for order placement
► Non-clothing artistic design available; ask about other mediums (equipment, vehicle wraps, boards, etc.)
NEW! If you’re in the NY/NJ/PA metro area, full photo/video coverage at a Sunday practice of your choice after your custom-printed gear arrives (Note: permission for Enflict to film is at your field-owner’s discretion).

With a fast turnaround time, competitive rates, and a design-quality rivaling some advertising agencies and established brands, Enflict will have your uniform and equipment looking amazing in action.