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Long Live Paintball hosted their first tournament of 2017 just last week on Saturday the 7th, and it was… cold. So cold in fact, that pretty much everyone was having gun issues requiring surgery during play, which was all the more difficult to accomplish without any feeling in one’s fingers. My only regret is not making it to film the end of the tournament on account of near-frostbite. By the semi-finals I couldn’t even turn the camera on, let alone focus, because I couldn’t feel the device whatsoever. Needless to say, I have better gloves now and will be ready next time, for the winter is young.



This is my first full-length documentary. By full-length, I mean if it had commercials, it would be a full half-hour. Audio is not a problem here, as I finally got a chance to invest in a shotgun-mic for interviewing. Titled “Rutgers Paintball: An Event In The Life”, it details the goings-on and state-of-mind before, during and after a college paintball event in the northeast through the eyes of the team, specifically the graduating seniors.



On Saturday, October 8th, 2016, the Rutgers Scarlet Knights college paintball team competed in the first Northeast Intercollegiate event of the 2016-2017 NCPA season. They took 3rd place to begin a do-or-die season that will see no less than seven veteran players graduating at year’s end, forcing one of the many rebuilding years that perpetually challenge college sports clubs.

Team jerseys designed by Enflict and printed by Raza Paintball​. Check back in mid-November when my second video of them will be up covering their subsequent tournament; You’ll get to see them wearing their amazing-looking 2016-2017 jerseys.

I really need an external microphone for speeches. No worries, future videos will sound better.

Song: Secta (Instrumental) by Contra
Music by David Fau



So here is what I am calling Part 1 of my Summer Review. This video covers Sundays from 6/13 to 7/18 at Long Live Paintball. The big practice and subsequent tournaments from 8/6 and onward will be covered in Part 2, which is in progress.

Song is Trip n Blaze’s remix of Faded by Alan Walker.

Give it up for our two fighters Justin Mines and Red Taillefer for an epic 1-on-1 that I was merely lucky enough to be there filming when it happened. I can tell you it was nail-biter that had everyone in the pit watching.

Enflict-designed Raza jerseys appearing in this video:
– Jersey Alliance
– Stoked
– Goonies
– Leverage



Cash Tournament #3 at Long Live Paintball
August 30th, 2015
Old Bridge, NJ
NJ Alliance’s jersey design created by Enflict, printed by Raza

Wyatt Earp Doesn’t Mess Around Remastered
by TeknoAxe

Recorded with a GoPro Hero 3+ Silver
Edited with Adobe Premiere and After Effects

Sorry about the shakes, I’m so new at video that I had no idea steadi-cams existed when I filmed this. This was filmed by mounting the camera upside down on a monopod with all hinge screws loosened all the way, and a lead pipe duct taped to the camera acting as a pendulum. …I was on a budget.





Featuring enflict-designed teams wearing custom Raza jerseys:
– New Jersey Alliance
– Stoked

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Song: Evolution by Axhom
Music by David Fau




Second video is up! It’s Rutgers Paintball vs. Rutgers Paintball alumni on a beautiful Sunday in New Jersey. Footage recorded at Long Live Paintball in Old Bridge on April 12th, 2015. Teams present at the time of filming included Rutgers University Scarlet Knights and Playground Royals.





Check out the first video! Recorded 3/29/15 at Long Live Paintball in Old Bridge, NJ and featuring Enflict custom designed teams Rutgers University Scarlet Knights and New Jersey Alliance.